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March 2008 - Levitation - A South Wales Tribute to Jon Langford CD


One of a number of top acts on the compilation CD “Levitation - a South Wales Tribute to Jon Langford” with a rework of Waco Brothers “Dollar Dress”. Mentioned as a highlight by Rock N Reel magazine and awarded 4 stars in December 2008. Buy one from the online shop.....

July 2005 - Silo/The Broken Bottle Lament 7” Single


Debut release for Country Mile Records Released in July 2005. The boys own interpretation of the Scud Mountain Boys classic backed with the demented lament of a lost love by Steve Grief. So limited edition it hurts. Buy one when it hits the street or miss out.... Try going to the online shop at:

December 2004 - Taffpop Kill Xmas CD EP


Out just in time for Xmas 2004, this excellent anti Christmas CD EP was released by  Swansea’s wonderful Taffpop Records. The bands master tapes arrived late during the pressing process, so only a few hundred of the final copies feature the Grief Brothers take on “Blue Christmas” as the final track. Hunt one down if you can.....